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5 Hilarious mistakes I did Before Starting a Blog

Publised 27/5/2022

It is very common to do mistakes when starting a blog as a beginner. But what if you learn from someone who has done a mistake Before Starting a Blog as a beginner. Hi guys this is Aman Singh founder of Yolearner.com. In this blog, I am sharing 5 Hilarious mistakes I did Before Starting my first Blog.

Intense Obsession to make money online

I started blogging because of two reasons as following:-

  1. I would like to write and want to share my day-to-day experiences and knowledge with every beginner or learner.
  2. I really want to make money online. After 1 month, the second one became so intense that sometimes while writing a blog, I completely forget the first reason. Why I started blogging.

My expectations were to get more traffic, engagement, and audience retention so that I could get Google AdSense approval on my blog to generate money.

When I didn’t get the same result, I got demotivated, upset, or sometimes even felt like blogging is just a waste of time nothing else. Because of this Intense Obsession to make money online, I shared my blog to Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups, or other social media platforms without keeping in mind whether the group is relevant or not for my content.

The results were-

  • Business WhatsApp Number got blocked

  • Facebook page quality got degraded from green to yellow.

  • Decreased Social media Engagement on posts.

  • Drastic decrement of website traffic.

  • Less Focused on Keyword Research

  • Got involved in Bad Tricks to get traffic

Are you doing like me? Do you have an Intense Obsession to make money online? Stop doing this, If you really want to grow your blog. Always keep in mind Blogging is like a marathon you have to keep patience to get success.

Killer Headlines That Drive Traffic, Shares, And Search Results

This was my second biggest mistake Before Starting Blog. I never thought about the headline. How should I write the killer headlines that drive traffic, shares, and search results?

What are the power words, emotional words, common words, and uncommon words? Which type of words we must include in our headline or in subheadings?

Do you know about all these? If yes then you are far better than me because When I started blogging. I did not know all of these.

Result-Bounce Rate was so high on my blog.

Tip- Use Coschedule for your headline!

Madly love to use of Re-writer Article Tools

Writing Content is not big deal. You can copy and re-write the article on your own or by using some re-write article tools. Starting, I did the same mistake Before Starting my first Blog. I read the other’s article, got inspired, and re-wrote the same article on my blog.

Guys!! This method will not help you. Yes, I admit that this will help you up to a certain limit but If you are thinking for the long term. You must have to create your own content.

If you really want to stand out you have to do research, and spend some time with others’ blogs. What others are writing and decide what you can write.

As a blogger, you must know about plagiarism. You cannot steal someone’s ideas and write them as your own.

Result- Got Rejected multiple times by Google AdSense Approval

Tips– Before applying Google AdSense, Create Your own unique content at least 18 articles

Lack of knowledge of SEO friendly keywords!

After six months of blogging, I realized that for a blogger you must have ample knowledge of content writing, and social media marketing, and the most important skill you need is SEO.

What is SEO? How it does work for ranking on Google search results? How to do SEO for blogging? What is On-page off page SEO? Bla Bla questions!!

If you know all about these, You are far better than me as a beginner. Because when I wrote my first article. I just wrote the content on what I knew and what I wanted to share with people on the internet without caring whether they will able to search or not. this was another mistake Before Starting a Blog

Result- No one finds that article on the internet except my WhatsApp group friends.

Tip- first watch the videos, and learn about SEO, content writing, and ranking on Google. Then start blogging.

Diagnose the most Content delivery Problems!

Content delivery without a strategy is like trying to drive a car without a steering wheel on the highway. Are you getting my point, what will happen to you.

If you’re not sure to whom you are creating content and what they are looking for, then you forget about traffic from this content marketing strategy.

I did the same mistake Before Starting my first Blog. I was writing the content that I love to write but after some time I realized that “Don’t try to find that what people want to try to understand why they want”.