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How To Start Blogging? Steps Which Help You to Start a Blog.

Publised 22/5/2022

In this blog, I am assuming that you know already what is blogging and why you should start blogging? So, in this article, I will tell only about How To Start Blogging?

Okay, so you have reasons to start a blog. But now the question comes to mind how to start it? Here are a few steps which will help you to start blogging. Let us have a look at the following:-

1 Choose Your Niche (Topic) (First step to start a blog)

This is the main element you have to focus on for starting blogging. The niche you choose will decide your blogging future. So, choose carefully. Since This is an essential step on which the whole of the future of blogging depends. For this, you need to do extensive research, brainstorm the ideas, study the browsing history of visitors, trend topics on the internet, etc.

2 Find The Perfect Name Of Your Domain

Now, the next step is to choose a domain name. But the bad news is most of the best domain names are already taken. But a good one is you can still find the best and unique one for you. However, keep it short, precise, easy to pronounce, and spell. So, that readers can remember it.

The most crucial step for starting a blog is to choose a domain name. You have to find a catchy, unique, short, and simple domain name for your website. There are various domain registrars available on the internet. But, Bigrock is one of the best and largest domain registrars for beginners. Even I personally use the same.

3 Choose A Web Hosting

The next step is to choose the best web host for your blog. This will give life to your website.

You will get multiple web hosts on the internet. But you should be careful while choosing it because they work for website building. And building a website is one of the crucial aspects of blogging.

However, the self I am using HostGator, and it is best for beginners. They provide assistance and step-by-step tutorials for your reference too.

3 A. Choose Your Blogging Platform

There is a massive list of platforms available for blogging. Medium, Blogger, Wix, WordPress, Tumblr, etc.

However, based on my personal experience, I will suggest going with WordPress that too, without any doubt. It is effortless to use and reliable in terms of security as well.

4. Installation of WordPress ( Best platform to start a blog)

Every website needs a CMS (Content Management System) that will allow for creating and managing blogs. And, for this, you have only one option, i.e., WordPress.

When you have to work on WordPress, there is no fear as it is straightforward to create and design a blog on it. Moreover, you will have a wide range of quality themes and plugins that can be selected as per your blog category.

What are you still confused about? Then do not worry as will help you with this. Here is the link for a complete helping guide for WordPress.

5. Select A Note Able WordPress Theme ( Crucial step to start a blog)

Through this, you can change the looks of your website. Even you are not required to do anything with coding.

6. Install WordPress Plug-Ins ( Most important to start a blog)

You can customize WordPress as per your preference. And the easiest way to do the same is by using plugins.

7. Installation Of Google Analytics

This tool will help you to analyze how many people are visiting your website? Demographic of the visitors, and on which pages and posts having more visitors?

8. Email List Setup

Email listing is one of the best marketing tools. As you can pitch this list for the marketing of any product, blog, article, or podcast, etc.

9. Pick An Accent For Blogging And Build An Audience

The writer has to maintain a regular accent for writing blogs for making an image among the competitors. Even though your writing style, you can build a strong audience or fan base.

10. Let Us Make Some Money

Finally, after so much hard work, we are at the step of money. You have to take care of the promotion to attract many visitors and readers to your blog.

It is effortless as the traffic increases; you will get famous and be ranked on the search engine’s top. And, this will start generating revenues for you. This is the only moment for which you are waiting.

Methods like affiliate marketing, freelancing, information about products, etc. are some of the best ways to make money through blogging.

11. Keep Growing

Finally, we are at the last step of How to start blogging. But it is a crucial step, i.e., Keep Growing.

Final words:- Some bloggers make the mistake of only blogging once a week or even once a month. This is not the definition of a blog. A blog is something that gets updated daily.