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Which One Is The Best Platform For Blogging?

Publised 26/5/2022

Before writing this blog “best platform for blogging”. I have shared my experience about what is blogging and why you should start blogging immediately.

How To Start Blogging?

After getting brief information about how to start blogging? The next important thing we have to look out for is the platforms available for blogging. So, here are some of the best platforms available for blogging are:

WordPress Weebly Joomla Wix Hubpages Striking Contentful Site123 Tumblr And Luckily, many more are available.

Which One Is The Best Platform For Blogging?

What happens? Still, have lots of confusion about which one is the best for beginners from the platforms mentioned above?

The answer is straightforward and at the top of the list. Yes, you are right. It is WordPress.

WordPress is the first choice of every blogger, especially at the beginning level. Even the professionals who are at the peak of their success and money suggest WordPress for blogging.

Why wordpress is best for blogging?

Why WordPress is best for blogging? We will pen down some of the factors that will make you believe that WordPress is the Best Platform for Blogging.

Support Of Social Media WordPress has the best set of plugins for sharing at social media and profile integration. Your website visitors can view, share, and like your content and activities on various social media platforms. Even it will help the website to increase fan following.

Plugins Are Getting Better Consistent supply of the best Plugins is one of the main reasons behind WordPress’s popularity. The users are getting more and more trending plugins for business websites and blog creation.

Expanding THE RANGE OF Quality Themes Unlike any other platform, it is well known for its quality themes. From the day of its launch, quality themes have increased, and you can find them according to your blog category. Most of the stunning and superior functionalities themes are free of cost.

Analytics Of Website Is Equally Essential When we talk about WordPress, no other platform is better than it. Its advanced tools make you understand your visitors better. And, accordingly, you can place your content, and ad segments and convert them into money.

Customization As Per Your Will WordPress is user and developer-friendly, which makes its first preference for blogging. You are not required to have technical knowledge for any kind of editing or design.

Visibility At SEO Ultimate Leads To Making Money If you have a high search engine ranking, then your website is successful. And, a website in WordPress has good SEO value. If you have SEO-optimized content on your website, it can shoot your page ranking, which ultimately leads to money generation.

Security At The Top We all are aware that hacking is common nowadays. If your blog is popular, then there are more chances that it can be hacked. But, if you are using WordPress, then you are fully secured from these types of attacks.

I believe these reasons convinced you that no other platform could take the place of WordPress, especially for beginners. Then why are you waiting? Let’s start your blogging journey. Do you still have questions in your mind? Are you a non-technical person? Are you afraid of coding? Here are your answers.

Now, you will have all the answers to your queries, whether you are a techie or non-techie person.

Are you looking to learn WordPress? Do you know how you can do it?

How To Learn WordPress There are various resources, and online courses available for learning WordPress. But you need not to worry as we listed some of the best resources and online courses through which you can learn WordPress quickly.

Many resources are available online. However, some of them provide certifications for the courses you complete from their websites.

Moreover, if you want to learn from live online classes, they also provide options. They offer various courses for WordPress of different duration, and you can choose among them as per your preference. Just think you have to go nowhere for earning skills in WordPress. You can learn just sitting at your place at your convenience.

These courses will make you learn the Setting up of a Server, Writing of Blog, Installation of WordPress, Usage of Plugins, Do’s and Don’t’s on WordPress, etc. Even you can contact tutors directly for clearing doubts, support after course completion, and much more. And for more details, you can visit their page with a single click.