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7 Best Free Digital Marketing Certifications on LinkedIn

Publised 15/5/2022

If you are looking for the best digital marketing online certifications on LinkedIn. Then this is the right blog for you.

In this blog, we will explain each online course and why you should enroll, and what you will learn through each course.

Many of us are familiar with the term digital marketing. But, as beginners do, we know what it means? What is the concept of Digital Marketing? What is Digital Marketing all about? And lastly, how to get a digital marketing job?

Are you a student and these types of questions running into your mind? Then you must read this blog!

A Guide- How to Get a Job in Digital Marketing? Here is the list of best+free digital marketing online courses.

  • Discover the top digital marketing tools
  • Understanding your digital customers with Google Analytics
  • Google Ads (AdWords)
  • Social media Marketing
  • Instagram Marketing
  • Keyword Strategy
  • SEO Foundation

Discover the top digital marketing tools

The number of digital marketing tools available today can be overwhelming. It seems as though new tools and platforms are being released daily, and it can be difficult for marketers to hone in on the most effective solutions.

In this course, the Instructor will provide tips and strategies for choosing the most effective digital marketing tools for your organization. The goal of this course is to save you time and money by presenting tools and strategies that you can use today.

He wants you to focus on marketing, without having to spend dozens of hours researching digital marketing solutions.

You will learn:- Industry-leading solutions for social media marketing, email marketing, digital advertising, content creation, search engine optimization (SEO), and affiliate marketing. Upon wrapping up this course, you’ll be better equipped to navigate the world of digital marketing and hone in on the best tools for your company.

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Understanding your digital customers with Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the industry standard for web analytics. This powerful tool provides the means to track, analyze, and report on-site visits, marketing goals, and ad revenue generated from your site.

You can probably tell who’s new to the store versus who’s a regular. But when we have a website, none of this is intuitively obvious. We may see when a sale goes through or a contact us form is submitted, but the rest is opaque.

Google Analytics is a free tool from Google that lets you install a small Javascript snippet on your site that unearths a treasure trove of information about your visitors.

It monitors each visit and sends the data back to Google where it’s processed and put into graphs and other visualizations that allow you to see exactly who’s coming to your site and what they’re doing.

You will learn This course covers the platform’s out-of-the-box functionality, from account creation to reporting fundamentals. You will also go through the basic setup, and the essential reports, and get you well underway to a firm foundation in analytics so you can know your digital customers.

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The power of Google Ads (AdWords)

Marketing works by influencing a consumer to take action. It’s much easier to succeed at this if we’re able to focus our efforts on the right customer at just the right time.

When we know who’s most likely to buy from us and when they’re ready to buy, we can spend less money marketing and increase our ROI. When someone looks for something online, their first stop is usually Google, and because they tell Google exactly what they’re looking for, it’s no surprise that Google can connect businesses with consumers looking for their product or service.

Google Ads gives us the ability to show ads to people searching on Google or across the web with amazing granularity.

You will learn Learn the foundations of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising with Google Ads (formerly known as AdWords) the industry-leading PPC platform. First, explore how Google Ads works and how it fits with what your business—and your customers—need. Then learn how to set up a new Google Ads account and start researching your keywords: the foundation of all great advertisements.

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Social media Marketing

A week doesn’t go by without big news from the main social media platforms. Maybe Facebook or Twitter changed their algorithms, or Instagram and Snapchat offered up new shoppable adoptions, or YouTube decided to be more like a TV network, or there’s a new kid in town, Tik Tok.

That’s what we’re going to cover in this course. How to use social media marketing to help achieve your business goals. We’ll start by showing you how to conduct a social media audit.

You will learn How to dig into your findings, analyze the results, and use data-driven insights to help shape your content marketing plans.

How to refine your content mix, choose a social media marketing platform, and develop a paid, earned, shared, and owned media strategy for your business.

Analyze what’s working—and what’s not—with SWOT analysis, and adapt your plan to capitalize on your strengths.

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Instagram Marketing

Instagram is one of the most used social platforms in the world, and if you plan on marketing digitally, it’s a must that you have an Instagram presence.

Creating a legitimate following to convert or retain customers takes commitment, creativity, an understanding of the Instagram community, and knowledge of how to leverage Instagram tools.

You will learn Tips for creating engaging Instagram stories and reels, using hashtags and location tagging to aid discovery, and leveraging Instagram Insights to review statistics and metrics regarding your posts.

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SEO: Keyword Strategy

When’s the last time you searched for something? Maybe it was for SEO or keyword training here on LinkedIn. Search is a part of life worldwide.

There are over 3.5 billion searches per day just on Google. And they have an estimated 75% share of the global search market.

To give you an idea of 3.5 billion, if you were to type in that many searches at a rate of one search per second, it would take you more than 110 years.

You will learn How to determine customer intent, identify trends, develop analytics, utilize negative keywords, and focus on what works. Finally, learn about how to measure the results, understand rankings, and establish priorities. Enroll Now

SEO Foundations

Modern consumers navigate the world through search. From laptops, smartphones, virtual assistants, tablets, and more, they search the wild and wondrous internet for the products and services they need.

By leveraging the fundamentals of search engine optimization (SEO), you can ensure that your business pops up in these all-important search results. This course is about mastering those fundamentals.

You will learn Explore the basics of SEO, including how to read a results page and see how rankings affect businesses large and small.

Discover how to implement foundational optimization strategies and techniques, including how to conduct keyword research, build internal and external links, optimize your pages and content, measure your successes and progress, and plan for a long-term SEO strategy. Additionally, learn specific SEO tips for eCommerce, local search, and mobile audiences to expand your reach.

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