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Instructions to install Xampp in window 10 for WordPress

Publised 15/5/2022

Hello reader, would you like to install Xampp to build WordPress locally? if you are reading this blog, I will assume that you have read the last blog on “how I build my website in one month with no skills with WordPress”.

In this blog, I will tell how I installed the local server “Xampp” to build my first website Yolearner locally. Okay, so in the end, You are going to learn everything about Xampp in just a few steps.

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What is Xampp?

XAMPP is a free open source software So if you want a developed website that can be used for testing or other purposes. XAMPP lets you run a website from your own computer.

Download and installs XAMPP on your computer:

To download and install XAMPP, go to the Apache friends downloads page, here Click on the download button to save the file on your desktop. You will see XAMPP ready to download for cross-platform for your Window. This process will take a few minutes and it depends on your connection.

Run the Installer to Install XAMPP

Once the download completes, run the document you downloaded to dispatch the XAMPP installer. In case you’re running antivirus programming, you may get an admonition like this:

Simply click Yes to proceed Now, you will see the standard installer screen.

Just click Next to continue.

Select the components

On the next screen, you can choose which components to install. To install WordPress in Xampp, you do not need all of the components. In addition to the required components, all you need are:

  • MySQL
  • PHPMyAdmin

Now select which folder to install XAMPP in. leave it as the default and choose the ‘Next’ button to move ahead.

On the next screen, asking you to install Bitnami for XAMPP, just uncheck the box and simply click on next.

On the next screen, asking you to install Bitnami for XAMPP, just uncheck the box and simply click on next.

The installation process will take a few minutes, so just be patient and wait for the installation to complete.

Once the installation is completed, check the box showing the message that “Do you want to start the control panel now?”. Click on the ‘Finish’ button and see is XAMPP working fine.

XAMPP is now Installed, run it.

If the entire process of XAMPP installation went correctly, then the control panel would open as shown below, Now click on the ‘Start’ button corresponding to Apache and MySQL. Once you click start, you should see their status turn to green. Finally, You have successfully installed XAMPP on Windows 10. Or say you have successfully installed XAMPP locally.

Now you know how easily you can install XAMPP to test and install your WordPress site locally before going for the live server.

Surely, the greatest advantage of installing XAMPP is that you don’t have to worry about the number of attempts you do on your site. Y ou can try anything without worrying about losing your users. However, if you face any errors while installing XAMPP on your computer, please feel free to reach out to me. I will try my best to resolve the errors asap.