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WordPress Questions and Answers for Non Techie Guy!

Publised 4/5/2022

Hii Guys, After a long time finally, I am sharing my last 3-month experience with you. So, this blog is fully dedicated to you and I am going to discuss only WordPress-related questions.

When I started to build this website, there was a number of questions were coming into my mind but at the same time, I felt like, I’m not alone.

There are many good people over the internet. They are making beautiful content just to teach others or can say to share their knowledge. So I was feeling like “Kar Lenge Yr tension ni lene ka”.

There was you can say an inner motivation that was forcing me to do something to help others that’s it. So I began to write content over medium but just within 2 weeks, I felt that this is not going to work for me.

So I searched for blogging websites and I found Blogger.com – Create a unique and beautiful blog. It’s easy and free., WordPress and Wix. After a little bit of research about WordPress v/s Wix, I thought that “yr website banyege toh WordPress se hi banayege”.

So, in this way, I started my journey with WordPress. Now I am going to tell you what I searched as a zero-knowledge person to learn WordPress and what many WordPress beginners out there asking questions over WordPress.

Here are the some questions that today I am going to share with you:

  1. How to make a website without any technical skills?
  2. What is WordPress? How does it work?
  3. How do I make a WordPress site?
  4. Is WordPress difficult to learn?
  5. Is WordPress a good platform for developing a website?
  6. Why do you need a WordPress website?
  7. What is the best WordPress hosting site?
  8. What is WordPress theme?
  9. What are the best WordPress themes?
  10. Is it worth paying for a premium WordPress theme?
  11. What is WordPress Plugin?
  12. How to choose the right plugin for you?
  13. What are the best SEO plugins for WordPress?
  14. Why WordPress is good for the SEO of your website?
  15. How do I speed up a WordPress website?
  16. Why do I speed up a WordPress website?
  17. Does the speed of a website affects bounce rate?

How to make a website without any technical skills?

First of all, let me clear your doubt because many people think like me that being a nontechnical person, it’s very difficult to build websites and apps. This is not true!!. Why? Because my background is mechanical engineering. I don’t have any technical knowledge but If I can build a website and I am earning through this website. So, it’s proof that you can also make a website.

With the help of WordPress, any non-techie guy can create any kind of website. I can tell you the best website list which is built on WordPress and they are very popular.

Here is a list of websites you probably have heard about, but might not know were created with WordPress:

  1. TechCrunch

  2. BBC America

  3. MTV News

  4. The Walt Disney Company

  5. The New York Times

So, the conclusion is with the help of WordPress, any non-techie guy can build a website, the only thing you need is a laptop, a proper internet connection and the last and very important is patience.

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What is WordPress? How does it work?

Most people over the internet have given the answer to this question. The most common answer is “It’s a Content Management System (CMS)”. Which is 100% true. But now this concept of WordPress has been totally changed, smart people are using WordPress in their own way especially for blogging or creating a beautiful website that actually meets all the requirements that you want to do.

If you are asking me, I will say WordPress is open-source software, made by a huge community of contributors. which is providing us with a huge amount of features and facilities which are required for making a good website.

In starting, WordPress was primarily a tool to create a blog, rather than more traditional websites and I saw that most WordPress beginners start with a blogging website. But now, WordPress can help you to create any type of website. In fact, WordPress powers over 33.6% of all the websites on the Internet. Yes – more than one in four websites that you visit are likely powered by WordPress.

  • Business websites
  • Affiliate website
  • Educational Website
  • College Website
  • eCommerce stores
  • Blogs & Portfolios
  • Resumes and Social media websites like Facebook and many more anything else you can think or dream up.

During the Covid19 pandemic, I build an educational website Yolearner with the help of WordPress without any technical knowledge. Before that, I thought that if you want to build a website you need to learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, and all other fancy languages or Hire a Web Designer or Web Developer. Horrible thought seriously means “ye sb sun kar koi bhi hum jaisa haar maan jaye” But After that slowly I came to know that WordPress is seriously the best platform for building websites. It can save you a ton of time and money.

WordPress not only provides you the ability to publish, edit, modify, organize, delete, and maintain content all in one central space but also be a host of text, photographs, videos, or audio files.

How does WordPress work?

WordPress needs two components to work on your web server: PHP and MySQL. Themes plugins and shortcodes will help you to build a website with any feature that as a website owner you need.

WordPress holds all content in the MySQL database. How that information is presented on the web is up to the theme.

Don’t worry about words like server, PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Server, hosting, theme, plugins or shortcode, etc.

These are just words to navigate you to build a WordPress website. As I earlier said You can create a website without any technical knowledge so, don’t worry about these technical words.

As you will start building the website you will come to know all about these words. So in starting don’s waste the time to learn in deep everything.

First, just start because initially, the biggest challenge is to start. Once you started anything by yourself, you will not easily give up.

It’s my entrepreneurial experience. If are just new or a beginner, please don’t go in deep. If you will go, You could get a little confused at how WordPress works with all this stuff.

Better is just start to build a WordPress website locally and then step by step where ever you got stuck just search about that only.

How do I make a WordPress site? or Is WordPress difficult to learn?

If you are looking for this question. It means you are new to WordPress. So, I will suggest please start with the local server or localhost then move to the live webserver.

There are a few simple steps, if follow these steps, I can 100% assure you, that you can build a website.

  • Start with localhost
  • Install WordPress locally
  • 8 importing setting does just installing WordPress locally
  • Install plugins
  • Install WordPress theme
  • Start building a WordPress website step by step
  • First create a Page like a Blog page, about us, contact us, Disclaimer, and Home page
  • Create the main menu
  • Create/Edit header
  • Create/Edit footer
  • Create Post category
  • Create a post
  • Now basic layout of the Website is ready
  • Do your practice and apply what you learn every day from different resources.
  • Purchase domain and hosting
  • Move your website from localhost to live webserver
  • Now everyone can see your website

Why does anyone want to create a site in localhost? Because You are the only one who can see the website.

Basically, most WordPress developers prefer to work with the local host before making their website live for a safer side. If everything works fine, then they move from localhost to the webserver. In case there are any issues, they correct them in localhost itself before making the site live.

There are many local hosts but I will suggest going with Xampp. I am using it so whenever you will be stuck in a problem. I can help you. join me on Facebook where we do daily updates about the resources to learn from the best for free online courses.

Is WordPress a good platform for developing a website? or Why do you need a WordPress website?

Look if you are in a hurry, want fewer features on your website, and have a very low budget. Then this is the best platform for you.

Since I am an entrepreneur. So, from my past experience, I can say that for starting either big companies or small businesses, or as a blogger, you need a website to explore yourself in the market.

Because in this digital era, You can’t go away from a website. Now in the case of businesses or startups, most people try to find out the solution from local vendors correct?

The quotes are generally in the range of thirty thousand to 3-4 lacs Indian Rupees. Now if go with WordPress you will get an incredible-looking webpage with all sorts of features that you needed, all under a max to a max of 25000 INR. Now, what you will say which is better?

Now you are a businessman or blogger and you are a non-techie guy who doesn’t have enough knowledge about website coding languages and you want a website. Do you know?

WordPress is so simple even a non-techie guy can learn how to build a website with WordPress in just one week?

For your small business to flourish, it is important to rank better on Google. And for this, WordPress is ideal because it will provide you with the easiest ways to make SEO-friendly websites very easily. There are such types of plugins that will do most of the technical work and will guide you step by step to write SEO-friendly content. The best example of such a plugin is Yoast.

From the Security point of WordPress is absolutely safe, and you can believe this platform trusts me. WordPress website can be hacked? yes, but which website could not be hacked. Do you have the answer?

Though there are some pros to WordPress at the same time there are many cons to WordPress. Many WordPress specialists said a lot about it. But for starting anything either a blog or business website WordPress is a good platform.

What is the best WordPress hosting site?

When you have created WordPress locally, you need to move it from the local server to the webserver. For that, you need hosting. There are a number of answers to this question on Youtube, Blogs, or Quora.

There is only one problem, I have seen in those answers that they mostly are biased. Because they are affiliated links. So when you buy hosting from there, they will get some commission, just because of that many write fake reviews and give feedback just to influence you.

I purchased hosting for the first time from HostGator, before that, I did a lot of research on hosting providers, read a number of blogs and Quora answers, and also watched Youtube videos.

Finally, I came to know that SiteGround is the best hosting provider. But when I thought to purchase it, I needed an International Card for Payment. SiteGround doesn’t accept any other payment gateway except through International Card.

Now I have two choices either I would wait or go with the hosting provider. So I began to search for the second-best hosting provider and I found Bluehost but the problem was the same. So, Finally, I decided to go with Hostgator and an Indian hosting provider.

After using this server, I was shocked that the service was excellent. Now I am using SiteGround and the service is almost the same.

Now come to the conclusion, It’s hard to answer this question, which is the best hosting provider. Because this question is a generic type of question.

For example, if I say tell me which is the best car to purchase. Are you meaning an affordable car, a reliable car? performance car?

So hosting basically depends on your requirement like the number of visitors on your web pages and how many plugins you are using to build the website. So, if you are a beginner, buy hosting from your country provider for 3 months only.

Experience how it is behaving and then after three months switch the hosting from the first provider to Siteground. So, ultimately you have to go for Siteground.

What is a WordPress theme? or What are the best WordPress themes? Or Is it worth paying for a premium WordPress theme?

First, understand what is a WordPress theme, WordPress theme changes the design of your website, how your site looks on the front-end, i.e. what a visitor sees when they browse your site on the web.

There are some paid themes and some are free themes. Usually, it’s just a waste of time to spend on getting a premium WordPress theme for free. Either you pay for a top-class theme or download a free WordPress theme.

Now an obvious question can come to mind free themes are risky because they aren’t supported as well, or they are sometimes designed by amateur developers. Yea it’s true but not for all themes.

There are some free themes that you can trust. For Example, Astra, Oceanwp, etc. are the best free themes no doubt. I am using it. The theme can be modified by adding plugins or by adding code to the functions.php file.

Changes can also be made in the form of a child theme. But “hum log yr nontechie guy hai” why do we need to go so early in deep. First, start building a website then we will think that how to do it and what to do it.

Now the next question is what is the best theme?

There are several youtube videos and blogs on this question. They will give you a number of lists of free WordPress themes and the best-paid WordPress theme. These blogs have titles like 35 best 46 best 50+ best and free WordPress themes.

But I will not give those lists, just go to google and browse it, you will get it don’t worry.

But But But I will say please don’t purchase any premium theme until you tested it on your local server. Now you may think, How bullshit man!! Without purchasing how can I get any premium theme. Hahahaha that’s the benefit that you are reading a blog written by a most struggled person.

There are some websites over the internet from which you can get any number of premium themes or plugins. These themes are called nulled themes.

Or there is another solution just purchase a plan of GPL website and from there you can download any theme or plugin for just $5.

So first test the theme locally look at how it works and then make a decision to purchase it. So, when you get the best-suited theme after experimenting locally. Just purchase it from its official website.

Note: Please don’t use nulled theme on a live server, I am recommending only on local sever just because you can test it.

Following are some links that might help to find your choice for free:

https://www.gplplus.com/ https://gpl.coffee/

What is WordPress Plugin?

When you will start building a WordPress website, first this question will come to your mind what are WordPress plugins, and how do they work?

In the WordPress dashboard on the left-hand side column, you will see this term Plugin.

Look, if you really want to be willing to learn about anything properly, first look at the past or history of that thing. So the same thing is here, to understand what is wp plugin.

When WordPress was originally created, the developers provided a way for plugin developers and theme authors to create “add-ons” that would enhance the base set of WordPress functions and extend WordPress functionality beyond the core product. What does it mean?

For Example, You build a blogging website with WordPress, where you write daily one or more content on a particular topic let say on Review on Amazon Products. After some time, You saw that many people are interested in the way you write reviews. Now you want to sell those products on which you write content or you want to affiliate marketing. (Selling the other’s product at some commission is called affiliate marketing).

For this, you need additional functionality to your WordPress site. Here Plugins work for your website.

WordPress plugins are software or apps that allow you to add new features and functionality to your WordPress website. Plugins allow you not only to create almost any kind of website with WordPress but also to help you to improve SEO, Speed, designing, boost performance, add contact forms, social media buttons, create galleries, and so much more.

For Example- Elementor Plugin works for page builders, Yoast for SEO, WooCommere for E-commerce websites, Learndash for LMS, Classic Editor for Editing, and many more. There are thousands of WordPress plugins available for free and paid.

How to choose the right plugin for you?

Although there are plugins that can do the task you want them to do, some are much higher quality than others. In order to choose the right ones, you should ask yourself a couple of questions.

How long has it been since it was updated? Is it compatible with the latest version of WordPress? Are people getting answers to their support questions? What type of rating does it have?

Why ask these questions to yourself, because a bad plugin will slow down your site.

What are the best SEO plugins for WordPress?

Okay, now you are looking for the Best SEO plugins for WordPress. After that, you will ask for the best security plugins, best backup plugins, best page builder plugins bla bla. I know this happens as a WordPress beginner.

It’s not a big deal. So, here I have listed down all those plugins which I am using right now or I have used already.

  • Page Builder Plugin -Elementor, Divi builder
  • SEO plugin- Yoast SEO, W3 Total Cache, Broken link checker, RankMath, SEMRush, * Google Search Console, WP Rocket, Monsterinsights, WP-Optimize
  • Post Editor- Classic Editor
  • Smush Pro (good for image compression for page speed)
  • Tinypng- Best Plugin I have ever seen for Image Optimisation
  • Learndash for Your Own LMS
  • STM for Udemy Courses Affiliate Marketing
  • Woo Commerce for Selling Products

Why WordPress is good for SEO of your website?

Adding content is easy

Content is one of the biggest drivers when it comes to increasing your SEO ranking. Because WordPress is so easy to use, it makes adding new content and blogging much easier.

By creating a blog post, adding a title with your keyword, Adding internal-external links are so easy that you can be confident about the SEO of your content.

Including keywords in the URL is easy

This actually helps Google to spot that you are using the terms that you want to rank for.

It is easier to obtain positive SEO results via plugins like; Yoast SEO, and Smush Pro.

But my past experience says that It is not a ranking factor. If you concentrate on creating great content for the users you’re targeting. You don’t need to find ways for the search engines to favor you.

How do I speed up a WordPress website? or Why do I speed up a WordPress website? or Does speed of website affects bounce rate?

I think this is the most asked question, I ever found over the internet especially when you build a website with WordPress.

But before understanding How to speed up a WordPress website?

First, understand Why do I speed up a WordPress website?

Before giving the answer let me share an interesting story related to this question.

When I started my blogging website in July 2020, In starting I never thought about website speed. Because as a non-techie guy, I seriously didn’t know that “the website speed really matters a lot”, especially for google search ranking.

After one month, in the first week of August 2020, I saw a video on Youtube for this question (How do I speed up a WordPress website?)

Then, I came to know about this but I ignored it and said to myself “My website is very good looking, responsive and fast” But in reality, I think, except me, everybody knew that my website was not good.

In mid of August 2020, one day my friend asked me that “Aman, what is bounce rate”.

I said why?? She said that I was looking at our google analytics and our bounce rate is 92%. Is it good or bad?

Because I never heard about it and my friend was a female, so to impress her I immediately searched the internet about bounce rate and said to her that bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who enter the site and then leave rather than continuing to view it other pages.

Then she again asked “Aman, our bounce rate is 92%. Is it good or bad?” Tell me yr!

Since I didn’t know about it, still I gave the answer (my friends say, it is my bad habit).

And said, don’t worry about that there is no such good or bad bounce rate. It actually depends on a lot of factors e.g which type of website and bla bla.

After that conversation, I began to search for the bounce rate to know in detail.

I was totally shocked that this tiny little letter, How much matter for your website.

If the bounce rate is high, it shows that your audiences are not interested in your website directly or indirectly. There will be no one on this planet who wants this.

So, the next challenge was for me to reduce the bounce rate.

At the end of August 2020, After a lot of research over the internet. I came to know that there was one of my most ignored factors that badly affected our bounce rate. And that was the speed of my website.

I want you that don’t do the same mistake that I did earlier.

So, here are the tips, you should always keep in mind, when you are thinking of speedup your WordPress website.

  • Do the first 8 settings just after Installing of WordPress
  • Used Compressed Images
  • Use only those plugins which you need
  • Use only a trusted theme
  • Choose the right Hosting
  • Use W3 Total Cache
  • Optimize your home page
  • Check your page speed regularly

“Save money if you have a lot money to waste give it poor people” AMAN SINGH